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on leave 2016-2017

An Assistant Professor of 19th century U.S. History, Dan Rood is currently working on a book manuscript, ''The Reinvention of Atlantic Slavery: Circuits of Techno-science in the Greater Caribbean, 1830-1860.'' Based on archival research in the United States, Cuba, and Spain, the book shows how chemists, engineers, machinists, topographers, and other professionals, who worked with the consumer goods of greatest import to nineteenth-century world trade, placed themselves on the cutting edge of the new sciences of capitalist commodity production. Focusing on specific individuals like engineer Isaac Trimble, who brought his experience managing slaves and machinery on Virginia railroads to his job as Chief Engineer of the Havana Railroad Company in the 1850s, ''Reinvention'' is a boundary-crossing history of knowledge that situates its subjects in particular technological and environmental contexts.

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