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Hoffer's most recent work includes Past Imperfect: Facts, Fictions, and Fraud in the Writing of American History (PublicAffairs, 2004); Seven Fires: The Urban Infernos that Reshaped American History (PublicAfairs, 2006); The Brave New World: A History of Early America (Johns Hopkins, 2007); The Supreme Court: An Essential History (Kansas, 2007); The Treason Trials of Aaron Burr (Kansas, 2008); and The Historian's Paradox: A Philosophy of History for Our Times (NYU, 2008). In 2010, Cry Liberty, his book length essay on the Stono Rebellion appeared from Oxford University Press, and his Nation of Laws: America's Incomplete Search for Justice was published by Kansas. In 2011, Kansas released his Free Press Crisis of 1800: The Trial of Thomas Cooper for Seditious Libel. Johns Hopkins published his When Benjamin Franklin Met the Reverend George Whitefield: Revivalism, Enlightenment, and the Power of the Printed Word in Early America in its Witness to History series in 2012 and his Prelude to Revolution:The Salen Gunpowder Raid of 1775 in 2014. In that year, NYU Press published his Clio Among the Muses: Essays on History and the Humanities. In 2015, Oxford University Press released his Benjamin Franklin Explains the Stamp Act Crisis to Parliament, 1766. In 2016, the University Press of Kansas released his Rutgers v. Waddington: Alexander Hamilton, The End of the War for Independence, and the Origins of Judicial Review. Later in that year, his co-authored The Federal Courts: An Essential History came out from Oxford University Press. In 2017, his John Quincy Adams and the Gag Rule, 1835-1850 appeared from the Johns Hopkins University Press. In 2018, his Uncivil Warriors: The Lawyers Civil War, from Oxford; The Clamor of Lawyers: The American Revolution and the Crisis in the Legal Profession, from Cornell; and a new edition of his The Supreme Court: An Essential History appeared. He awaits publication of his Searching for Justice: Lawyers in the Civil Rights Era, 1950-1975, from Chicago, in 2019. Hoffer has won the Choice "Outstanding Academic Title" award four times, in 1991, 1992, 2005, and 2008.

Selected Publications:

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PhD, Harvard University, History 1970