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Basic Information

Curriculum Vitae:
Matriculation Date:
Dissertation/Thesis Title:
MA Thesis: Borders, Blockades, and Black Markets: Smuggling and Economic Chaos in the Confederate South
Degree Completion Date:
Selected Publications:

Poister, Robert. “Borders, Blockades, And Black Markets: Smuggling And Economic Chaos In The Confederate South”. In Progress: n. pag. Print.

Poister, Robert. “The Business Of Exile: The Money And Memory Of A 'confederate' Family In Cuba”. John Inscoe. 2012: n. pag. Print.

Poister, Robert. “At Home On The Mountain: Appalachia In Lillian Smith's Life And Work”. Appalachian Journal (2010): n. pag. Print.

Of note:

MARBL Short-Term Fellowship, Emory University (2015)

UGA Franklin College-University of Liverpool Doctoral Student Short-Term International Research Fellowship, Franklin College, UGA (2015)

Future Faculty Program, UGA Center for Teaching and Learning (2014)

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, UGA Graduate School (2014)

Graduate Research Fellowship, Willson Center for the Humanities, UGA (2014)

Gregory Graduate Research Award, UGA History Department (2012, 2013, 2014)

Gregory Graduate Travel Award, UGA History Department (2013, 2014)

Frances S. Summersell Research Fellowship, Center for the Study of the American South, University of Alabama (2012)