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Computer & A/V Equipment

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Classroom Technology

Overhead video projectors, DVD/CD players and cable access are available in rooms 101, 135, 221, 230, 321, 323 and 341 in LeConte Hall. These rooms are classified on campus as having Level III classroom technology. Please check out a key from the Main Office each time you use these facilities. If you use these A/V facilities almost daily, a key may be checked out from the Office of Instructional Development (CTAL), where you may also check out additional technology, such as tape recorders, VCR's, etc. If you as an instructor or teaching assistant use these resources, you may not know that we also have portable video projectors and players available for checkout from the computer lab for use in any classroom in LeConte Hall.

Portable vLCD projectors and laptops may be checked out from CITP or the computer lab for teaching. This equipment should also be reserved ahead of time, to ensure that computer staff is available to check out and explain the equipment.

A VCR cart with a TV monitor is available for each floor of LeConte. This A/V setup should be reserved in advance through the Main Office in room 220. DVD players may also be checked out of the Main Office.

Seating charts are available for all LeConte Hall classrooms. Email to request a seating chart.

Personal Web Pages

All faculty and graduate students can and should have their biographical information, including curriculum vitae, personal photo, course syllabi, etc., posted to the departmental website. Update your information by logging in.

All faculty, staff, and graduate students are also eligible to host their own personal web pages on the UGA servers, using UGA's hosting services. It is very important that web page authors adhere to legal compliances and university policies. Also, it is very important that any personal site linked to our directory contain a disclaimer as noted below.

The University of Georgia Web Site Disclaimer Policy

A disclaimer should be placed on all Web pages residing on the UGA Web server, or that otherwise explicitly or implicitly indicate an affiliation with the University of Georgia. Please note that pages that provide OFFICIAL information on behalf of the University are NOT required to affix the disclaimer. The policy, including the specific language of the disclaimer and detailed information regarding the requirement, may be viewed at the EITS web site. Please review this policy to determine its applicability to any Web site under your control. This particularly applies to any personal sites of students, faculty and staff, as well as those of student organizations. Please note that non-compliant sites are subject to removal from the UGA Web site.


The Franklin College of Arts & Sciences takes care of the department's computer support. Emails to the Help Desk will be responded to as quickly as possible. Walk-ins and phones calls may actually delay a service response. If you are unable to email a service request from your computer, please stop by or call the department, or stop by the computer lab to send an email.

When you report your problem to the Help Desk, please give them as much information as posible. Include your name, computer location, any computer error messages, your internet service provider, and the model of your computer. This will help them resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Please be sure to add the link to your address book, paste it on your monitor, your desk, or find some other way to keep it handy in time of need.

Internet Access for LeConte Hall

The History Department has wired internet access available for personally-owned computers of Department faculty, staff, and graduate students. Please check out UGA's PAWS wireless policies and directions if you wish to use your personal computer on the campus wireless network.

Please read the following notes concerning wired internet access:

  • Requires a computer with either an integrated or add-on 10/100 Mbps Ethernet card with RJ-45 connector (looks like a telephone connector, but wider)
  • Allows communication speeds of 10-100 Mbps when connected
  • Requires a 'CAT5 or 5e' Ethernet cable running from the computer to an active Ethernet network connector most LeConte Hall offices and classrooms have two such connectors and the required cables
  • Requires that the Physical (or MAC) address of the network card be registered in UGA's DHCP system in each building
  • Due to the limited number of connections, access is usually reserved for building occupants and for those with a need to make online presentations from a classroom within the building
  • Note: In a few buildings (such as the Student Learning Center), there is no need to register your computer with the building’s system, just plug it in and browse to the web, entering your UGA MyID when prompted

Personal Computer Network Access Responsibilities:

  • Keep virus protection software and definitions up-to-date
  • Keep computer updated with Windows critical security patches and service packs
  • If there are 2 shared departmental office computers, the network cable may be removed CAREFULLY (by pressing down the tab on the connector and gently pulling it out) from the one that does not have a printer attached; however, you agree to:
    • Return network cable within 5 minutes of a request of any officemate needing network access from that departmental computer
    • Re-insert network cable to shared departmental office computer when you are finished using it
    • Share that network cable with other office mates using personal computers

All of the responsibilities listed above are ONGOING. Failure to comply may result in your Internet access being revoked.

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