Welcome to Transnational European Studies, an interdisciplinary minor at the University of Georgia!  This program enjoys the support of numerous departments throughout campus, and is the joint initiative of the Department of History and Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies.  

The capstone course for Transnational European Studies, FCID 4000, will be cross-listed in spring 2020 with Dr. Peter O'Neill's CMLT 4270, Transnational Literatures, TR 11-12:15. Given its interdisciplinary focus this course will provide an excellent opportunity for students in the minor to develop their capstone projects.

In fall 2020, students can begin coursework for the minor by enrolling in FCID 2000: Transnational Europe, which will be scheduled in spring 2020.  

Through the completion of this program, undergraduate students will gain historical, cultural, political, and linguistic knowledge of Europe.  This minor encourages students to think both broadly and critically as they develop language skills and intercultural competency, exploring European cultures in their diversity and history.  Transnational European Studies is not only of value to students, but also seeks to bring together faculty from a variety of departments for an interesting and worthwhile intellectual exchange.