Travel Policies and Forms


The State Accounting Office has issued new statewide travel regulations. The Board of Regents has advised all USG institutions to implement the changes outlined below. The University of Georgia will make these changes effective for travel beginning on November 1, 2012.


  • Provost International Travel Funds Request
    • Applications for Provost travel funding should be filled out and routed to the Business Manager (history department).
  • Travel Authority Request
    • Submit at least 2 weeks prior to domestic travel, 4 weeks prior to international travel
  • GSA Per Diem rates for lodging and meals
    • Per diem rates are now following federal guidelines and will be reimbursed by city/state or international per diem rates allowed. Follow the link provided, and click on the state you are traveling to in order to determine the per diem allowed by city/county for meals and lodging. There is also a link on this page for international travel. Please remember that if your room rate is 25% over the per diem listed for the city, you will need to submit a letter justifying the higher charge.
  • Travel Expense Form
    • Submit post-travel, within 30 days
  • In-State Travel
    • Request for Authority to Travel on Official University Business