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Curriculum Vitae:
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236 LeConte

My current research is the history of Habitat for Humanity in Latin America. I am exploring how a housing project that began in Southern Georgia became a model for global community housing, especially in Latin America. In addition to social housing my related interest areas are human rights, popular culture, popular religion and nationalism in Latin America

Selected Publications:

Chamosa, Oscar. Breve Historia Del Movimiento Folclorico Argentino: Cultura, Identidad Y Nacion. EDHASA, 2012. Print.

Chamosa, Oscar. The New Cultural History Of Peronism: Power And Identity In Mid-Twentieth-Century Argentina. Duke U. Press, 2010. Web.

Chamosa, Oscar. The Argentine Folklore Movement: Sugar Elites, Criollo Workers, And The Politics Of Cultural Nationalism, 1900-1950. University of Arizona Press, 2010. Web.